Mindful Resilience Webinar Virtual Training  One Pay-It-Forward Included

Mindful Resilience Webinar Virtual Training One Pay-It-Forward Included

Price: $97.00


In this on-line interactive 75-minute experience, you will learn powerful tools to quickly reset yourself and increase your resiliency to handle change and challenge:

  • Ground yourself to feel more confident to handle the unknown
  • Reset your nervous system to think more calmly and clearly to better handle change & relate better w/others
  • Balance your emotions to boost your immune system function & get better sleep
  • Release neck & shoulder tension to move more comfortably

PAY IT FORWARD BONUS:  Do You Know Someone Who Needs Your Support? To help others in need get these tools, your registration INCLUDES a Pay-It-Forward Gift Registration for a Friend to Join You!  To activate your Pay-It-Forward Gift 1. Complete your registration 2. Immediately email their name and email address to [email protected] You'll both then receive an email with the details to join the online workshop.

If you know more than one person who needs your help, you can purchase additional registrations at an additional discounted rate. 

Note: Wednesday's May 27th Workshop Registration Closes at 1:00 pm - 2 Hours before the 3:00 pm AZ/PT start.

With Mindful Resilience and Each Other, We ARE Getting Through This!  See You There!


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