Greater Wellness in Your Workplace

Kinessage® Self-Care training for Your Team

what your Team Will get out of Kinessage®: 

A powerful yet easy, self-applied movement technique that releases muscle tension and joint pain throughout the day

Nervous and muscular system reset that breaks the cycle of chronic muscular tension or pain, an underlying factor of musculoskeletal disorders

Increased range of motion to move more easily and comfortably

Increased ability to focus without pain/tension distraction

An effective and self-empowering tool to stay pain-free and help prevent injury

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Kinessage® Self-Care Training Options:

  • Training Options are Customized to Your Company Wellness Objectives:
  • Looking to provide a unique team building opportunity?  A half or full- day format provides a big impact

Time schedule tight?  Training can be done over a series of 45-min segments

Can't get employees in the same physical space?  Virtual Training to the Rescue 

Live or virtual, Kinessage® Self Care Addresses the Body Head to Toe: 

Movements for the upper body from head to fingertip release muscular/skeletal dysfunction that contributes to migraines, tension headaches, eye strain, chronic neck or jaw tension/pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, upper extremity numbness, or wrist/hand/thumb pain commonly experienced from long hours at a computer or other hand-related repetitive task types of work.

Movements for the lower body from upper back to toes release muscular/skeletal dysfunction that contributes to chronic neck/upper back tension, mid and low-back pain, sprains/strains, hip pain, sciatica, knee pain, ankle/foot pain, or plantar fasciitis experienced in long-standing, long-walking, lifting, twisting types of work.

Kinessage® Release Your Pain Self-Care System

The 24/7 Pain Relief Solution

to Keep Your Team Healthy & Productive

Imagine your employees having 24/7 access to training that shows them how to quickly and easily release their own musculoskeletal pain and chronic tension right in the moment. How might that help prevent injury and worker's comp claims?

This virtual system expands and reinforces the Kinessage® Self-Care training experience through the Release Your Pain, Expand Your Life! digital book and the Kinessage® Full Body Freedom Series of streaming videos. The digital book is an "owner's manual" for the body/mind that maximizes results of doing the video movements. The Full Body Freedom Video Series includes 15 bonus movements (44 videos in all) for more in-depth coverage of each of the 6 body segments for your employees to keep themselves healthy at work and at home:

Segment 1: Head/Jaw/Neck Freedom

Segment 2: Shoulder/Arm Freedom

Segment 3: Wrist/Hand Freedom

Segment 4: Back/Torso Freedom

Segment 5: Hip/Leg Pain Freedom

Segment 6: Ankle/Foot Freedom

This System is an ideal solution for off-site or 24-hour shift employees who have difficulty attending live trainings.

It can be added as follow-up reference support to the live Kinessage® Self Care trainings or separately to boost your employee wellness program.

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