discover How many ways your life would improve
if you were pain-free and could move easier in your body

What if it was possible to release your own pain and tension and move with ease?

without costly prescription drugs
without office visits
without lost work time
in the privacy of your own home


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Kinessage® Self Care In the Workplace.

Injury in the workplace impacts all businesses. From health care professionals to office and production workers, work-related injury takes its toll on employee health and your bottom line.

Bring Kinessage® Self Care in for a lunch training series, half-day, or full day workshops and empower your employees with tools they can use throughout their day and after to keep them comfortable, happy and productive.


Kinessage® Release Your Pain Self-Care System

Let's face it. When you're in muscular pain or can't move right, life is no fun. And it only gets more frustrating when the answers you repeatedly get are some version of drugs, office visits or surgery - things you've tried that don't work or things that don't resonate with you.

Take heart. There IS a different solution:

You can partner with your own built-in pain relief system to release chronic muscular pain and tension and increase range of motion and mobility right in the privacy of your own home if you just know how.


Kinessage® Continuing Education for Manual Therapists

Caring for others can take its toll. Come learn the next generation self-care and massage method that uses the body's design - both yours and your client's - to do the work. Kinessage® Self Care and Kinessage® Massage Through Movement effectively relieves pain and increases range of motion while being easier on both therapist and client.


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