Top 10 Reasons to Work on an Exercise Ball

Wednesday December 16, 2015 comments Tags: Exercise Ball, Self Care Tips

Massage Therapists are often looking for new tools to save their bodies so they can continue to take great care of others and earn their living in the field they love. For a while now exercise balls have been used in the gym as a work out adjunct, for stretching, or are even being used in lieu of office chairs. Over the 13 years I have been using a ball for seated work, I have realized many benefits first-hand. Here are my top 10 reasons why using an exercise ball instead of an office stool is one of the smartest tools to utilize in... Read More

Kinessage® Self Care Tip for Pain Between the Shoulder Blades

Friday December 11, 2015 comments Tags: Kinessage Self Care Tip, Shoulder Pain, Stretch

Kinessage® Self Care Tip for Pain Between the Shoulder Blades

Do you have pain between your shoulders? It's possible that your chest muscles (pectoralis major) are too tight and the muscles between your shoulder blades (rhomboids) are overstretched from the patterns of doing everything in front of us - computer stuff, sitting at a desk all day, etc. Try this stretch It's easy and you can do it anytime you walk through a doorway. First off, mentally scan your body and see if you can sense the area between your shoulder blades and your chest. Stand in the doorway with your arms out... Read More