Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Kinessage® Release Your Pain System? It is a two-part system that enables you to partner with your body to release your pain and tension:

Part 1: Release Your Pain, Expand Your Life Book: gives you understanding of the power you have to direct your body/mind's intelligence together with the tools to apply the method successfully; and

Part 2: Kinessage® Self Care Videos: These specifically developed and ordered movements systematically work through tissue layers, muscle groups, and fascia to release pain and restrictions. They reset the communication between your nervous, muscular, and fascial systems for increased freedom and ease of movement. The individual videos are short (average 3-5 min) and each movement is effective on its own. Done in sequence within the Segment, Module, or Fully Body Series, their benefits increase exponentially.

What are some of the conditions Kinessage® Self Care helps*?

Kinessage® Self Care is effective for stiff joints, limited range of motion, chronic tension, muscular/skeletal disorders and related chronic pain. Here are some conditions it benefits:

Upper Body:

Segment 1: Head/Jaw/Neck

  • Migraines, tension headaches, jaw/TMJ pain
  • Stiff neck, neck pain, chronic neck tension, torticollis

Segment 2: Shoulder/Arm

  • Shoulder pain, chronic shoulder tension, thoracic outlet syndrome
  • Epicondylitis - golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow, tendonitis

Segment 3: Wrist/Hand

  • Wrist pain, carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Hand cramps, stiffness
  • Trigger finger, thumb pain
  • Muscular/fascial-related joint pain

Lower Body:

Segment 4: Back/Torso

  • Back pain, sciatica symptoms, chronic back tension
  • Abdominal pain due to adhesions/fascial restrictions

Segment 5: Hip/Leg

  • Hip pain, limited hip movement
  • Chronic quadriceps or hamstring tension, groin pain
  • IT band issues, knee pain, limited knee movement

Segment 6: Ankle/Foot

  • Ankle pain, limited movement due to sprains, scar tissue
  • Foot pain, foot cramps, arch pain, plantar fasciitis, toe pain
  • Muscular/fascial-related joint pain

What makes Kinessage® Self-Care different from other pain relief options

Kinessage® Self-Care uses awareness and your body’s natural movement to address the cause of muscular/fascial pain and chronic tension. Instead of doing something TO your body, you partner WITH it. You do the movements and your nervous system responds – clearing restrictions and relieving pain, resetting normal muscular tension, and increasing movement and circulation for greater health and energy. Your health benefits increase each time you use it. You invest in your learning once, and you have unlimited use of the knowledge for the rest of your life without going anywhere else to get it.  That is a SIGNIFICANT savings of time and money.

Over-the-counter and prescription pain relievers treat the symptom of pain, not necessarily the cause. They also affect every cell in your body. What treats one thing can be harmful to the rest of you as evidenced by listed side effects. Opioids, often prescribed for chronic pain, have serious side effects and the potential for dependency, addiction or death. (See blog: Price of Pain.) Steroids may or may not work and have serious long-term side effects.  Relief is temporary, and your cost is ongoing every time you have to go get a refill.   The toll adds up on your body and your bank account.

Why would I use Kinessage® Self Care instead of other therapies?
Imagine being able to stop pain the moment you feel it. Or knowing how to release your day's tension quickly to be able to relax and enjoy those you love without having to lose time or take something for it.  Naturally, there are times you want or need the expertise of a professional massage therapist, holistic practitioner; or injury/surgery requires physical therapy. Other times, the pain or tension you have could be released right then, right there if you just knew how. You can be pain-free sooner without the lost time or the reoccurring costs of office visits. 

The Kinessage® Release Your Pain System gives you the power to CHOOSE. It gives you an easy understanding of how your body/mind works and a proven method of specific, simple movements to apply for quickest results. Developed by a Board Certified Massage Therapist and Massage Therapy Educator, expertise is already built into the system. You simply follow it, and the option and power is in your hands to be used again and again. You invest in yourself once and you have the knowledge to use for the rest of your life. 

Knowing what you can do for yourself also gives you greater clarity about when it is smart to see a professional.  When you do choose to see your trusted health care provider, you’ll be a better advocate for yourself and what you want or need.  You'll also be a better partner in your health care with them and achieve better results by virtue of doing adjunct self-care.

How do I get the best results from this system? 
By using the system as designed: combining the information in the Release Your Pain, Expand Your Life digital book with the Full Body Freedom Series to systematically clear and reset your body from head to toe. The book gives you insight to get exponential results when doing the movements.  The movements release the restrictions throughout your musculature and the fascial system which houses everything within your body.

If your particular issue is in either upper or lower body, it is recommended that you do all three segments within the Upper or Lower Body module to clear the neuro-muscular chain from spine to fingertips or toes.  Yes, doing just one segment will bring improvement. However, without clearing the adjacent fascia and musculature above and or below that segment, it may not be as great or long lasting. The fastest, longest lasting results come from treating the body/mind as a whole.

How will I know it's working?  
We've been conditioned that something must either hurt or make some loud noise first in order to work. That does not mean it's true. In fact with Kinessage® the kinder your touch, the more your nervous system responds and the greater results you will get. If you are using too much pressure, your body will tell you through pain signals (“ouch that hurts, lighten up!) or soreness (like if you’ve ever had a massage where you’ve felt dug into.)

Your body will simply be releasing tension and constrictions and returning to its normal state. It's quiet, it's subtle. No pain or noise is required. You may hear some crackling as the fascial restrictions release around joints but it should not cause any pain. It may not seem like anything is happening in the moment because there aren't the painful cues like in other therapies, but don't discount the subtle power just because it's different from anything else you may have experienced. 

Your evidence lies in doing the before-and-after pain and range of motion assessments where you will see and feel the improvements doing the movements has made.  And, without inflicting any pain on yourself to get the results!

How much time should I plan to invest?
That depends on a few things:  how you habitually use or don't use your body, if it's one momentary specific issue or a multiple-area chronic issue you're addressing, as well as how willing you are to learn and apply something new.  It's like getting a new phone with an operating system you've never used. Initially, it takes some concentrated time to explore what's there and understand how it works through playing with it.  Once you do, it not only becomes easy, it makes your life easier and more connected.  Imagine how much easier and more enjoyable your life will be when it feels good to move in your body!

If you're ready to be out of pain, for the Full Body Series you might decide to dedicate a day to check it all out so you can start getting the benefits right away, or you might decide to carve out an hour a day or every other day for a week or two to move through it at a pace and level that is comfortable for you.  

Initially, the longest single Segment takes about an hour to move through, most take less than 45 minutes. (That's the minimum you would spend to get treatment from someone else not including drive time and traffic stress.)     

To get the best results, read the book first (approx. 90-min.) and then in a relaxed, consistent application, progressively work through the movements in a Segment to get the cumulative benefits of those movements for that area.  Follow with the other Segments in the Module or Series to release through fingertips or toes.  

Testimonial results have been experienced with an hour-a-day for 10 days to two weeks for major issues like sciatica or hip pain that lasted 20 years, to just doing one movement (5 minutes) to release a headache. Initially, it is recommended that you go through the segment or series several times over the course of a week or two to help re-establish and remind your body of what healthy movement and tension is.   If you've been sedentary or have had chronic muscular pain for years, it may take longer to re-educate your body and hold new patterns of easier and more comfortable movement.  

You know your body better than anyone. Partner with it, listen to it and see how it responds. Typically, you should notice a progressive improvement in the before-and-after assessments of less or no pain, easier movement and greater range of motion (assuming no neurological/muscular disorders that might impede normal system communication.) Tracking it on the Kinessage® RYP Results Chart helps you see your progress in one session, tracking it each time shows your improvement progression over time.  

How often do I need to do this system?

Your partner in Kinessage® is your body.  Listen to it and let it guide you. Kinessage® is not a pill. It's a muscular/skeletal/nervous system reset that you can only get through the body's sensory-movement system.  In order to get that, you have to move:)  The good news is, it FEELS GOOD to do it!  Once you experience it, it's a mindset shift that goes from "have to" to "choose to".  You decide how often to use it.  You decide how freely-moving and pain-free you choose to be.  Once you feel the difference between painful, tight and constricted vs. pain-free, loose and easy, it's fun to see where and how you incorporate it into your life.  Let it be your secret weapon to reset both your mind & body however it works in your day.

Here are a few examples: Do a few movements to wake your body up before you get out of bed, your back and feet will thank you.  When you feel stressed and your body tightening up, take single movement mini-breaks (2-5 minutes) throughout your day to stay relaxed and focused.  Give yourself 15 minutes when you get home to do a couple of your favorite movements as a transition for yourself between work and family time, you'll feel better and be more present with those you love.  If you've been pushing it and your body is talking to you as a result, give yourself the gift of doing a segment or full series reset and get back to happy and easy-moving again. 

Do I need to be in pain to benefit from the Kinessage® System?  
Not at all. If you are someone active and healthy who wants to stay that way, the Kinessage® Release Your Pain System is great support to keep your nervous/muscular/fascial systems functioning optimally. Why not be in the best ease and comfort your body is capable of? 

There are other benefits too. If you are athletic, knowing how to use the movements to release tension or pain during a workout or sports activity may help prevent injury. Keeping your fascial system fluid and unrestricted also supports the health and function of your immune system as well your other systems that operate within it.

What if I'm not great at Do-It-Yourself?

If you prefer the personal attention and support of expertise that comes with working together one-to-one, that option is available as well through Private Consultations.  

Is it helpful to drink water when using the Kinessage® System?  
Yes.  Drinking water and staying hydrated (6-8 glasses p/day average) is essential to healthy cellular function in general. In particular, it benefits the release, re-hydration and flushing of the fascial system which is a primary focus of Kinessage®.


*Disclaimer: The Kinessage® Release Your Pain system contains information relating to physical health and well-being. It is not intended to replace medical advice and should be used to supplement rather than replace regular care by your doctor. If you have had surgeries or conditions that limit your movement and you have ANY concerns about whether or not a program like this is right for you, consult your physician before starting it. Neurological/muscular disorders may impede anticipated results.

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