Intro Combo Class
– 16 CE hrs –

What would it feel like to be comfortable and pain-free in your body while working with your clients or patients?  Kinessage® Self Care gives you the tools to clear your pain, tension, and constrictions to keep yourself healthy so you can comfortably focus on giving your clients the high-quality care they come to you to receive.  Kinesthetically experiencing Kinessage® for yourself is a prerequisite to increase your ability to translate it as a method of massage for your clients via the Kinessage® Massage Through Movement Classes.

This two-day class provides the foundation of Kinessage® Self Care and the Introduction to Kinessage® Massage Through Movement.


Kinessage® Intro Combo Class


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Discover how to use the nervous system, simple movement and mindful awareness to quickly alleviate your pain, and clear restrictions and tension patterns from areas of most frequent therapist injury – neck, shoulder, arm, wrist, thumb & low back. This class addresses self-care from a completely different approach – bringing together the powerful tools of conscious touch and the kinetic chain’s communication system to effect change and restore health.

Learning Objectives:

- Utilize movement as a mechanism of therapist tension/pain relief
- Demonstrate use of anatomy and movement to effect tissue changes and increase range of motion
- Apply mindful awareness to accelerate tissue and range of motion improvement
- Experience the value of the role of awareness and consciousness in healing
- Gain self-help tools to share with clients.

Come Equipped - Class Requirements:

Be prepared to move! Bring a sheet, towel or mat for floor work. Be ready to stretch and feel in your own body the benefits of fun self-care.

Day 2: Introduction to Kinessage® Massage Through Movement

Explore a whole new approach to massage. Kinessage® cares for you, cares for your client, and reinforces your knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology at the same time. Learn the science behind this unique, fun method, and how to apply physics, the kinetic chain and myofascial release to save your body and energy while becoming a more effective therapist.

Learning Objectives:

– Identify and employ kinetic chain components to down-regulate muscle tension and pain
– List the 3 types of levers and demonstrate their applications for massage
– Utilize joint movement to improve range of motion
– Employ kinetic energy as a method of massage
– Demonstrate the use of the mechanical advantage to prevent therapist injury
– Apply counter movement, myofascial release, and compression to clear restrictions


Exercise Ball: Ready for fun? Seated work is done on an exercise ball. Choose and bring one that is firmly inflated and height appropriate for you with your forearms relaxed on the table.


Because Kinessage® employs a number of other leverage advantages, table height is higher than for traditional deep tissue work - usually a notch or two. Example: I'm 5'4" and use a 65 cm ball. Yay! No more bending over too low a table! Watch my video see what I mean.







- Two days training with 1-on-1 hands-on attention
- In color, graphically-rich, detailed student manual
- Certificate of Completion
- 14 NCBTMB Continuing Education Credits

Prerequisites: An eager mind to learn to work in a completely different way! Familiarity with myofascial release is helpful but not necessary.