Virtual Webinar Class - 7 CE Hrs

Discover how to use the nervous system, simple movement, and mindful awareness to quickly alleviate your pain, and clear restrictions and tension patterns from areas of most frequent therapist injury – neck, shoulder, arm, wrist, thumb & low back. This class addresses self-care from a completely different approach – bringing together the powerful tools of conscious touch and the kinetic chain’s communication system to effect change and restore health.

Learning Objectives:

- Utilize movement as a mechanism of therapist tension/pain relief
- Demonstrate use of anatomy and movement to effect tissue changes and increase range of motion
- Apply mindful awareness to accelerate tissue and range of motion improvement
- Experience the value of the role of awareness and consciousness in healing
- Gain self-help tools to share with clients.

Be Virtually Equipped - Class Requirements:

Access to Zoom and a two-way video camera to participate in class. A quiet environment with enough room/floor space to move and focus on partnering with your nervous system. Be ready to experience your own pain and tension release through gentle movement and touch!