E. Thorpe - Sciatica pain GONE with Kinessage® Self Care Immersion Program

N. Hetrick - Immersion Program Experience for Chronic Back, Hip, Leg & Foot Pain
Selina Schuh - Audio Testimonial

Lilian B. - Upper Body Module Experience - re: Migraines/Neck/Shoulders

Clarisse R. - Back Pain/Sciatica Lower Body Module Experience

John T. - Upper Body Module Experience re: Neck

Mona S. - Lower Body Module Experience re: Feet


"I had neck surgery that replaced 3 disks in my neck with titanium wedges and screws. A year later after painting a ceiling, my right shoulder and arm would go numb in certain positions.  I couldn’t sleep on my left side or drive without my right shoulder and arm going numb, and I would get random numbness intermittently throughout the day.

 I went to my doctor and got cortisone shots to see if that would help, with no results. I understood that if the numbness didn’t get resolved I was looking at surgery again. I tried therapeutic massage and acupuncture, with no results.

My wife had such great results using the Kinessage® Release Your Pain Self Care System for her sciatica I decided to try it.  From the first time I did the movements, the numbness went away.  It loosens up my neck and shoulders so I can sleep again on either side and drive again without numbness, and rarely do I have any intermittent numbness during the day.   I simply do the movements twice a week and it keeps my shoulders and arms from going numb. Kinessage® has allowed me to comfortably continue normal activities without surgery."  Bruce R, Scottsdale AZ

“Who would have thought that a few simple movements requiring only minutes would change everything? But that’s what happened! I’d been having hip pain for decades from a sports related injury. I figured I was headed for surgery and had just made an appointment for x-rays. Then someone referred me to Kathleen. I participated in the webinar and purchased the book and videos. Amazing! In two weeks’ time, I’m pain-free and I’m not even consciously aware of my hip anymore. Hard to believe it’s possible, yet it is. I’ve done half-day hikes that would have left me crawling in the past, without a second thought. I’m telling everyone I know. You have nothing to lose by trying! Scratch that- you have your PAIN to lose! How great is that?

— Stephanie Angelo, SPHR, SHRM-SCP Phoenix AZ

"I was in a motor vehicle accident. When the airbag went off I moved my head to the right to avoid the bag hitting me in the face. I was in pain and couldn’t move my neck that well. I had done 3 physical therapy sessions when I remembered: “Lorraine, You know what COULD WORK FOR YOU. ” So I started using your techniques OMG! Not long after I am moving my neck just like I did before the accident and can’t even remember hurting from not being able to move my neck. The therapist I was working with was surprised to see I was able to move my neck quicker than probably I would have been.  Thanks, Kathleen, I will never forget how Kinessage has impacted my life."  Lorraine Elyicio 

I suffer from chronic wrist and thumb pain. In the past, I’ve spent over $1,300 on as little as 4 therapy sessions. I’m amazed that In just one application using the Kinessage Upper Body Module at home, I got great pain relief and easier movement in my thumb. And now I have it to use anytime I have pain or to keep it from coming back.

— Cheryl B, Scottsdale, AZ

For at least 2 years, my arm would literally lock up after putting it in certain positions. I told a physical therapist about it and he basically shrugged his shoulders. My arm would go rigid and I’d have to use my other arm to force it to release and bend. Since I started using the Kinessage technique on my arm and shoulder, the condition has disappeared. It’s amazing.

— D Cassino, CO

I had a 3,000 mile trip ahead of me pulling a 31-ft trailer. For almost 2 years, I’d been having hip pain and tried a number of methods and practitioners with little relief. I’d not been able to sit for more than 90 minutes without either sharp shooting pain or dull, hot throbbing pain in my hip or back of my thigh shooting from my buttock. I purchased the Hip/Leg Segment and felt armed with a solution for the 6 full days of being a passenger as well as driver.

Before I had pain, I did my best to practice the method which felt relaxing. The pain that usually comes from sitting too long in one position simply didn’t come. Or it came in little spurts which reminded me to get back to Kinessage which again provided quick relief. I was amazed! Using this method of Kinessage made the trip work for me! It turned out to be a great opportunity to really test the method and give it lots of practice.

— Joan Sarin, Phoenix, AZ

My back was in pain a lot of the times due to an Injury in 2005. It also caused pain in my left knee that prevented me from walking on the treadmill and walking for a long period of time in general. Using these techniques I now know how to sooth the pain to the point that I can hardly feel it and now go for walks.   I don’t like taking pain medicine so this works perfectly for me.  - Lorraine E, Phoenix

While swim-training for a triathlon, I developed neck pain and my collar bone was protruding. I got a massage and chiropractic adjustment with no relief. I called Kathleen for advice and she gave me a Kinessage move to do. I placed my fingers and turned my neck. “That hurts,” I said. Kathleen replied: “Lighten your touch.”

My belief was: it had to hurt to work; if I wasn’t feeling pain I wouldn’t get relief. After just a few minutes using a very light touch the pain was gone. And over the next week, my collar bone went back into place. I really couldn’t believe it worked; and yet IT DID. I was able to release my own pain with movement and minimal pressure.

— Michele Maruniak, Founder Elements Therapeutic Massage

For 10 yrs I’ve suffered from severe spasmodic torticollis (involuntary twisting of the neck). After refusing botox injections for the rest of my life I’ve tried every imaginable healing modality with little or slow results. My head faced right 45 degrees, with little range of motion any further.

After just 2 weeks of Kinessage, I now have a 20-degree improvement towards center and my range of motion has increased from 45 degrees to 90 degrees and the shakiness has improved too.

I apply the technique daily and each day I see improvement. I couldn’t be more thrilled with Kinessage and the amazing results! I feel this will be the final piece in my healing. Thank you Kathleen Gramzay, you are a lifesaver!

— Denise C, Conifer, CO

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