Therapists' Experience of Kinessage®



Therapist Results with Kinessage® Self Care:

99% of Therapists Reported Less Pain & Tension


“My "aha" of gentle yet effective was extreme. It brought together the role of fascia and the nervous system and how to bring them into play. That I can do this as self-care without hurting myself is amazing!” –Kim P, Cedar Rapids, IA

“I now truly understand the “less is more” concept in a deeper way and the power of intention and connection. My body feels so much lighter.” -Deb D. Sioux City, IA

“My aha – just how easy each move is to do. So much easier on the body. I feel great! -Kelli A, Cascade IA

"Kinessage® Self-Care for Therapists is brilliant! What a concept to teach therapists how to apply conscious awareness and nurturing touch to ourselves for our OWN healing. Kathleen is a stellar presenter. She makes it fun and brings it all together in a way that makes sense." – Christie Dater, LMT, Scottsdale, AZ


“Just take Kinessage® Self Care and thank me later!” – Annette S. LMT, Milwaukee WI

“I think Kinessage® Self Care is a life-changing class that is simple to apply and incorporate for ourselves and clients.” – Michele B. LMT, WI


You will be amazed what you learn about yourself in this self-care class.” – S. Anderson, LMT, WI


“Kinessage® Self Care is essential for therapists to stay healthy and provide more effective massages.” – M. Rowe, LMT, WI



Therapist Experience of Kinessage® Massage Through Movement Training:

100% of Participants Rated Kinessage® Massage Classes Excellent/Very Good


"This will change your life and likely bring longevity to your career" - Deb D, Sioux City, IA



"Discovering Kinessage has not only monumentally taught me to easily and effectively care for myself, but has provided me with the knowledge and tools to treat clients and empower them to care for themselves. Kinessage is smart, precise, intentional, and uses movement as mechanical advantage to efficiently effect tissue from the outside in and from the inside out". – Jamie Look, LMT, Honolulu HI


"This is a need-to-know technique, it's deep without going deep. It's gentler on the therapist and more effective." -Lisa L., Des Moines, IA


"This class will change how you think about massage and a great incorporation into your skillset." Nicole O. Cedar Rapids, IA

"I started the techniques and can't believe how quick and easy it is. I am having great success, and my clients are noticing the difference too. I LOVE it! It has helped ease the pain I used to get in my back. With your method I can go all day without any pain.." – Diane Rinehart, LMT, Cedar Rapids, IA


"Dear Kathleen, Thank you so much for creating Kinessage®. I thoroughly enjoy doing it, even on large clients, and several people have already told me it is the best massage work that they have ever experienced." –Linda Hedquist, LMT, Fairfield, IA

“This protocol is a healthy approach for both therapist and client. The therapist works specifically and wisely and the client receives the benefit of more effective work." – Cheryl Phipps, LMT Mesa, AZ

"Kinessage® is mind-blowing. I really feel that working from this new approach is retraining my brain." – Blossom Osofsky, LMT, Scottsdale, AZ



"Kathleen Gramzay is an inspiring instructor who has applied her comprehensive knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology to create a unique hybrid massage technique called Kinessage®. This powerfully effective yet gentle system of bodywork will bring amazing results for your patients while causing almost no stress on your body.

Kinessage® is powerful but gentle. I highly recommend it. I have not experienced anything like Kinessage® before, but I look forward to receiving it again. It really helped a chronic neck issue and released a lot of deep tension in my hips in just one treatment." – Ralph Stephens, LMT, NCTMB, Massage Educator, 2008 Massage Therapy Hall of Fame Inductee



Client Results with Kinessage® Massage Through Movement Massage:


"Kathleen's massage was truly therapeutic and was carried out with an obvious understanding and appreciation of anatomy and kinesiology." – Andrew Spitzer, Diplomate, American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery

As a chiropractor working with professional athletes, my work can be physically demanding. I came into your office with severe pain and limited range of motion in my hip due to an inner thigh muscle tear nine months earlier. I was being advised to have hip surgery. In only one Kinessage® session, I left with zero pain and full range of motion in my hip. First, you were gentle, then you were intuitive, then you were masterful. I have my leg back and I feel great. I am so grateful, thank you.” – Nelson W. Vetanze, DC, Aurora CO


"Kathleen's unique approach to massage therapy immediately caught my attention as it was both relaxing and effective. At the time pregnant with my third child, I needed a gentler approach to my muscle knots and tension. But I came to realize after pregnancy that my body did not require that I feel beat up by deep tissue massage. My head had expected the soreness and aches that occurred the day after was part of the package, but this is not so with Kinessage®. Kathleen's original technique works with the nervous system as well as the musculoskeletal system. It's like hitting a reset button at a basic level. As a medical provider and an educator, I was fascinated by the inclusion of muscle motion during massage. I have asked Kathleen many, many questions regarding anatomy and muscle function while lying on the table. She always has an answer and I appreciate that depth of knowledge in therapists! – Jamie Ostdiek, PA-C, Phoenix, AZ

For Scoliosis:

"I was first diagnosed with scoliosis 40 years ago. It is genetic; my father’s mother, my father and his sister all suffer from it as well. This condition has been the source of near-constant pain through much of my adult life. For over 25 years I have turned to massage therapy to help me manage the pain associated with scoliosis. It wasn’t until we started working together that I came to understand it was possible to, in fact, improve my condition, not just deal with it.

What Kinessage® has done is allow me to learn to stand straighter and loosen up all the constrictions that were pulling me out of alignment. It has helped me come to the realization that it is not the spine in isolation but the whole muscular/skeletal system that needs to be stabilized in a healthier position. The techniques you’ve developed and your knowledge of body mechanics provide the tools that we together use to help me manage this condition in my life. Until I started to see you I thought that my alternatives were either surgery or continued deterioration of my posture. But now I know that I don’t have to go down either of those roads. The chronic pain in my hips, back and neck that I have been experiencing all those years, is now gone. " – Laura W., Scottsdale, AZ


"I was diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis at the age of nine. For many years, the curvature was slight and did not impact my activities. The curvature has since increased to the advanced stage. I had no pain, but my breathing became severely affected to the point of limiting my daily function. I wasn’t able to walk more than a short distance without stopping to rest, and my breathing was labored and shallow.

Since having treatments by Kathleen Gramzay with the Kinessage® method, my posture has so much improved that my husband and several friends have noticed the difference. My breathing is greatly improved along with my balance and gait. I am now able to walk longer, even in the heat, with better lung capacity and without needing any support to rest against while grocery shopping. I will continue Kathleen’s treatments because I have clearly benefited from them, and I recommend this treatment to others with scoliosis. Thank you, Kathleen." – Joan Byrd, Phoenix AZ


For Sciatica:

"My neurologist had diagnosed me with pinched sciatica and sent me to physical therapy which I did for 4 months together with traditional massage twice a month, with only slight results. I was still using my cane and in constant pain, a 10+ on a 10 scale 24/7. The neurologist suggested that maybe I needed surgery or could try shots, but neither felt right to me.

On the first appointment with Kathleen, I walked in using a cane because I didn’t want to fall, and was at a 10 out of 10 on the pain scale. During the session, I was amazed! For the first time in six months I was pain-free on the table and then I walked out pain-free! I had been in pain for so long that I kept waiting for the pain to return. However, each ensuing visit brought longer lasting relief and now I remain pain-free all the time. Kinessage has changed my life." – Doris Rasmussen, Scottsdale AZ


Post-Shoulder Surgery:

“Scared, worried and anxious would best describe my state of mind when I first met Kathleen Gramzay. Six weeks post shoulder surgery after a fall and three weeks into physical therapy, I was being told by my orthopedist that I would probably only ever reach 85 percent recovery. I was worried, I was in pain, this was my dominant arm and I was 59 years old. I was definitely not progressing as well as I had hoped.

And then there was Kathleen and Kinessage®. I could not believe the results! Nothing was forced, I was not uncomfortable and I was so relaxed. Not only did my pain decrease significantly, but my range of motion increased by at least 25% after only 2 visits! When I returned to CA, I shared my experience and results with my physical therapist. He visited her website and adjusted my program to work more from her concepts. I have had tremendous results and can happily report that I am currently at 95% recovery. My sessions with Kathleen got me through the roughest part of my recovery. I was no longer afraid that every move would be accompanied by pain, and gained the confidence that I could and would recover. My state of mind today is relaxed, confident and positive thanks to Kathleen and Kinessage®.” – Brenda C. Le Selva, CA