Basics Upper Body Course
– 24 CE hrs –

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This 3-day course details the remaining two platforms: Kinessage® Anatomy Shorthand and the stretching component for the Upper Body; and teaches the Head & Neck and Shoulder/Arm/Hand protocol.

Learning Objectives:

Building Upon the Skills Learned in the Introduction Course You Will Apply:

  • Joint movement to improve range of motion for the upper body
  • Kinetic energy as a method of massage
  • The use of mechanical advantage to prevent therapist injury
  • Counter movement, myofascial release, and compression to clear restrictions
  • Apply the Kinessage® Anatomy Shorthand to the upper body to systematically work through muscle layers in a thorough and effective manner
  • Utilize stretching for the upper body as a final reset button

Course Includes


30-day Kinessage® Q&A follow-up support with Kathleen - a $170 Value!

Come equipped – class requirements:

Exercise Ball: After the Intro class this is likely to be your new best friend. Be sure to bring it to continue the learning and fun.

Table: You already know that Kinessage® uses movement and takes maximum advantage of your table to save your body. If you're flying in for the course, you're still exempt from bringing one, and you get to make another new friend with someone who drove.